Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why This Class....

My love of Disney movies started at birth and has continued to grow and expand to other children's movies. Just the other day when I was packing my things for college I noticed more than half the movies I was bringing with me were children's movies. So when it came time to choose what First Year Seminar I wanted, From Grimm to Disney was the obvious choice. When I was sad, sick, happy, or bored I would sit down and watch a Disney movie - Disney was my childhood. But now that I'm growing up and leaving for college, it's  nice to be able to hold on to a bit of that childhood by participating in this FYS. I hope to expand my knowledge of the Grimm's Tales, and to further educate myself in the Disney movies so I can enjoy them more. 
My favorite fairy tale is actually one by the Brother's Grimm. Their tale Bluebeard caught my attention when I was younger and I had gotten their book out of the library. At first I thought it was the scariest thing I had ever read, yet I couldn't put it down. It was so captivating and magical. My favorite Disney movie is a three-way tie between Tarzan, The Lion King, and Tangled. Only one of these is really a Grimm tale (almost), but I guess it counts.  Disney movies teach great morals and lessons, lessons that everyone have taken to heart.  It gave those who had nothing something to believe in, and everyone needs that every once and a while.