Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney vs The Brother's Grimm: The Battle Continues

The original Brother’s Grimm tale of “Snow White” differs greatly from Disney’s version in many ways. The original version was much more graphic and lacked the romantic side that Disney had. For example, the evil Queen asks the Huntsman to bring back Snow White’s lungs and liver when he kills her so she can eat them. In Disney’s version she just asks the Huntsman to kill Snow White. Another difference is the ending when Snow White is revived from her death-like slumber. In the original version the prince sees her for the first time asleep and carries her coffin away. On the way to his castle one of his men carrying the coffin trip and the bit of poison apple in Snow White’s throat is dislodged and Snow White awakens. It is much more romantic in Disney’s version. In his the prince comes back and finds Snow White asleep. He awakens her with true love’s first kiss.
Even though the versions differed, they still had many aspects in common. In both versions the evil Queen relied on her magic mirror to tell her who was the fairest of them all. Also, in both versions it is the poisoned apple that the Queen gives Snow White that is her downfall. The dwarfs then place her in a golden coffin and stay by her side.
There are two main reasons that Disney made the changes he did. One was that his movie would be directed at children so he took out the really graphic parts. He changed the Queen’s death that was implied instead of actually viewing her dying. Another reason he changed it was because of the time period in which his movie was produced. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” came out during the Great Depression, a time when people needed hope not more sadness in their lives. That is why Disney added the romantic and hopeful ending. It was exactly what the people of the Great Depression needed. 

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