Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rapunzel Cartoon Spoof

I found this cartoon very humorous. When I was reading the Grimm's version of "Rapunzel" I actually wondered to myself what type of condition Rapunzel's hair would be in. If she had people climbing on it and yanking it wouldn't it get really damaged? I feel like it would be the same as if someone constantly straighten their hair all the time. Also, in today's society girls are more concerned with their looks over anything else. It's funny that this Rapunzel won't see her prince because she doesn't want split ends.
I think this cartoon is most like the Disney version rather than the original version. In the Disney version the princess isn't saved by a Prince and her savior actually just climbs up the tower himself. That would correspond to this comic because no one climbs up Rapunzel's hair.

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